Manor Estates buys antiques and whole or part house clearances in Wales and the South.

Tel. Office Hours: 01554 771000

HOUSE CLEARANCE can be stressful to the bereaved. Manor Estates will professionally and sensitively clear the property so that it is ready for sale. A WRITTEN VALUATION CAN BE SUPPLIED FOR THE PURPOSE OF SPEEDING UP THE GRANTING OF PROBATE. All items can be entred for future sale by auction. Alternatively Manor Estates will purchase antiques and collectable items with immediate payment to the estate trustees so speeding up the process of settlement after probate.

All un-saleable items will be removed and disposed of under the strict EEC Environmental Regulations.  On seeing the property and its contents, our representative will issue you with an estimate for the work agreed.

Manor Estates provides an additional service. It has a team of professional cleaners who will vacuum carpets and clean paintwork after the clearance so that the property  can be sold with maximum returns to the beneficiaries of the estate of the deceased.

For more details please contact Bryce at Manor Estates on the 24/7 telephone number or by e-mail for a prompt response.

  • Professional – Discrete – Sensitive Service
  • Whole – Part – Single Item
  • Over 20 years experience in Estate Matters
  • Used by Solicitors and Estate Agents.
  • Valuations for Probate.